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We have been granted access to private property with a 6 mile trail (loop). Boondoggle Events will conduct a warm-up ride May 7th from 12:00 -7:00. The ride will be held a Laurel Lake Baptist Camp. This being a faith Based and youth camp. No alcohol consumption on the property. Due to Covid the camp hasn't been able to host their youth Summer camps. We are looking to raise a little money for them.

When you sign-up for Forty 5 there will be an option to add Forty 5 ride to your registration. There's no extra charge for the ride at sign-up. The option is to give us an idea how many to plan for. When you show up for the ride we ask you donate $10 to Laurel Lake Baptist Camp. We do not have a rider limit, but only add the option if think you can make it. If you change your mind after signing up. and want to come, shoot us a message we can add you.

With your $10 donation you will get a pre-race lasagna meal with a vegan option. The meal will be in a to go container, since there's no dinning room dining.

As Boondoggle Events grow this is the direction we want to go in. Someone provides the venue and Boondoggle Events handles all the logistics, scoring and promotion. There is a good possibility we will promote a race at this facility in 2022.

Registration for Forty 5 opens next Saturday!



Race day schedule and categories. (100 rider limit)

Sign in opens 8:00

Morning race (5 Laps) 9:30

Noon race (Short Course) 12:00

Afternoon Race (5 laps) 1:00


Open Men



youth B

First Time Men and Women

Local Officials




Single Speed

Youth A



Red Boone

5.5 miles singletrack/.5 Powerline & grass

Forty 5

15 miles Trail

15 miles pavement

15 miles gravel

Livingston GP

40 miles pavement

26 miles gravel

Kentucky Gravel Championship

37 miles gravel

26 miles pavement

3 miles doubletrack

Currently we are offering one women's category, other than the 1 lap first timers. We will split the women's field into 2 categories with enough entries. Registration opens Feb 12th.

Also will probably offer a post race meal. We are waiting on final word on that.


Red Boone is official on! Get ready registration opens Feb 12th!



We are tentatively scheduling a mountain bike race at Levi Jackson park in London, KY for April 10th.  Red Boone will be 5 laps of the Broken Spoke course (5.5 miles).   We have to clear a couple small hurdles next week and we should be good.  If all goes as planned registraition will open Feb 12th at 9pm.

April 10th Race


We have decided to move the Cave Run\Lockegee event to Levi Jackson park in London KY. There was a lot "IFs" involved with the Cave Run.  Eventually we hope to race there, but with Covid-19 and mask mandate on federal property we didn't have clear picture of what would be required from us as a race promotor and racer.  

Levi Jackson is city owned property.  We will have Covid guidelines and we can make our event work within the guidelines we have been given.  Also the Redbud ride is the following weekend.  So we would love for cyclist to come to our town 2 weekend in a row!  That's what we got going on we have more details later.  

1-22-21       Federal Mask Mandate

At this time we are unsure how the federal mask mandate will effect the Cave Run race (Lockegee 2.0).  The mandate call for mask in any federal building or property.  Does this mean out on the trail?  I don't know and the USFS office in Morehead doesn't know either.  Registration is scheduled to open February 5th.  We have option to reschedule or move the race to Broken Spoke trail in London KY.  We will have 4 races this year!.  The Broken Spoke trail is on city property.  There isn't a mask mandate, but CDC guidelines must be followed.  As of now registration will open February 5th and hopefully we will have a "concrete" answer on the mandate guidelines by February 1st.  Long Story short we will race at Levi Jackson Park or Cave Run and hopefully on April 10th.  


* Racers and volunteers that has tested positive 14 days before an event or has symptoms of being sick or a fever will not be allowed to participate.

* All volunteers will wear a face covering while in the start line/finish line, sign up, aid stations or maintain 6’ from others.

* Registration will be spaced 6’ apart and only one person may approach the check-in station at a time. Racers will have the option of picking up race packet on Friday night (encouraged) to avoid Saturday morning check-in.

* Racers and spectators will be encouraged to wear a face covering while at the event (racer not while racing). Disposable masks will be available to those who do not have one. Those who are not wearing a mask outdoors should stay 6’ away from one another

* (At this time) No mass start: Riders start time will be assigned order in which entries are received. Riders will be In groups of 15-20.

* 2020 race winners will be assigned to first group

* Racers are encouraged to pack their own drop bag to lessen contact at aid stations.

* Aid station workers will wearing masks and gloves. Only pre-packaged snacks will be available at the aid stations. Hand           sanitizer, and spray disinfectant will be at the aid stations.

* Podium will be social distance spaced

* Maintain social distancing and/or face covering usage while at Boondoggle Events.

Face Of The Race


Livingston GP

A quick overview of the current GP route (option A) there is approximately 38 miles paved and 28 miles gravel.  



I met with Livingston and Rockcastle County officials today about the July 10th race.  We are super excited about it!  We're are looking to make it a big weekend for Livingston and Boondoggle Events. We are looking to draw cyclist from all disciplines

 Registration will open April 1st!



Is it a ride or a race?  Isn't a race a ride to see who get's back first?  Isn't most group rides a race to the top of the hill, a race to the county line sign?  🤷‍♀️

1-10-21   105k FKT and other FKTs

Some changes in the Boondoggle 105k FKT and future FKTs.  In order to keep things simpler and streamlined all Boondoggle 105k FKT attempts will be kept on the site. We will make a special page for it with rider's name, date and time and download link.  Also we are making a download for Map My Ride & Ride With GPS for the Boondoggle 105k FKT.

We would like to have some FKTs from you guys! Keep in mind rider's safety is the greatest importance in making a route.  The FKT doesn't have to be a high mileage death march.  Make it a ride that riders are challenged, but when they're done thay can say it was a great time! 

Start thinking of your favorite routes and give a couple days to get set up.  

Our biggest base of riders are from Kentucky,  but we'll post a FKT from anywhere as long as you ride that area.   


Our test registration with Webscorer went good! Everyone said it was simple to use.  

Lockegee 2.0 reg opens 2-5-21

Forty 5 reg opens 2-27-21


Face Of The Race


Absolute-Absalon–BMC loses and gains

A-A-BMC recently lost their men's XC world champion Jordan Sarrou to Specialized. Recently announced A-A-BMC have signed women's XCO world champion Pauline Ferrand-Prevot!


Boondoggle regular and podium finisher Jordan Sands may have built the perfect bike for Boondoggle events!  Put some 42mm tires  gravel tires on it.   It's not a hybrid!

(read the comments) 😂


The Lockegee 2.0 course (same as 2020).  The race will leave the campground and make 2 loops. Not sure if racers will return to the campground to start 2nd loop.  This will depend on how much traffic support we get.


We will have a lot more to information on the Livingston Event next Friday evening!  This will be our biggest event so far


As we move forward this is the current Kentucky Covid19 regulations and guidelines which could change.  The biggest thing is 50% capacity at events.  

Our first event is April 10th "Lockegee 2.0" and will be staged from the West Group area at Twin Knobs Campground. The group area holds 180 people.  We will take the first 100 riders to sign up into the race.  After that we will try holding a 2nd race later in the day.  We will take up to 180-200 riders for the event.  We hope to have one race.  We will do what we can to accommodate everyone.  Our plan will also have to be approved by the Rowan County health dept.

1x or 2x for you?

Rockcastle Rumble will be a new event and an area several riders haven't rode before.  The video below is the type of course we're shooting for!