Why We Started Boondoggle Events

Boondoggle Events was established in the Fall of 2017. We recognize that southeastern Kentucky has amazing trails and gravel roads that was unnoticed by state and regional riders. We also wanted to emphasize the reason we all started riding for FUN! We want riders to have an affordable way to compete in races, regardless if you are a beginner or a veteran rider. We take pride in Boondoggle Events and another reason why you will find out  entry fee is the most cost effective race prices in the country. We strip away the fluff and stick with the good stuff. Amazing courses with great camaraderie of fellow riders.

About Boondoggle Events Director

Keith Cottongim fell in love with cycling as a kid. He has fond memories of watching Greg LeMond win the Tour de France on ABC’s Wild World of Sports. It was not until the age of 20 years old, did Keith actually commit to cycling. He started with racing motocross. With an injury needing ACL reconstruction surgery, he continued using Cycling as a tool for fitness and rehabilitation. Eventually after two torn ACL‘s, a broken ankle and a broken wrist, the responsibility of marriage, motocross racing was put on the shelf and he started to solely focus on Cycling.

Like most things in life, new things usually started out as a hobby. But soon the passion and the competitive of cycling started to surface inside of Keith.  He rode competitively from 2004-2007. Once again in 2007 another knee surgery grounded Keith for months. 

During those four months Keith and his wife enrolled in foster parenting classes and soon after adopted a boy and a girl. I continued to train for races but balancing family time became more important.  Priorities quickly changed and more time was spent focusing on family and less with racing from 2008-2017. 

In 2017, a local six hour mountain bike race was scheduled in his home town London, Kentucky. It was unexpectedly canceled.  So Kieth decided to turn his passion and competitiveness for cycling and transform from from cycling racer to cycling director.

Boondoggle Events was born!